Artworks Gallery Presents: Chris Flory “All Fall Down” Susan Smoot “Roadside Compositions” Exhibition dates: April 2 – May 2, 2021

The works in the “All Fall Down” exhibition are all graphite on paper, drawn in 2020. Most are about the anxiety and frustration which Chris Flory has been experiencing in Covid times. The “Breath” series is loosely based on some pastel drawings from 1995.

“Roadside Compositions” is Susan Smoot’s collection of original watercolor paintings. The works focus on long-standing architecture of utility. Farmhouses, sheds, barns, are depicted, showing evidence of their usefulness and the disrepair of time. These rural scenes and buildings, observed locally, were rendered to celebrate the details of age, tarnish, patina, and rust on these witnesses of the past.
The artist says, “As a child I always wondered about the abandoned farmhouses and barns I spotted while traveling through rural areas. I pictured, in my mind, walking through and around them. By painting their images I intend to know them better and interpret their pasts.”