Enchanted Waters with Joe Lovano

Debussy once said the sea "is always endless and beautiful. It is really the thing in nature which best puts you in your place.” In the composer’s ever-popular La Mer, the orchestra paints a vivid sonic portrait of the ocean’s vast beauty and mystery. GRAMMY®-winning saxophonist Joe Lovano joins forces with the Symphony for a spellbinding performance of Doug Cuomo’s a raft, the sky, the wild sea, a concerto that combines improvisation and gripping melodies to depict the perilous journey of those seeking refuge and hope on the open water. Finally, lose yourself in the intoxicating waves of rhythm in Ravel’s La Valse, as the orchestra whirls you through a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow.

Douglas Cuomo’s a raft, the sky, the wild sea was co-commissioned by the London Philharmonic, the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and the Winston-Salem Symphony.