ARTWORKS Gallery presents "Something Bold" and "Sounds of Spring"

Artworks Gallery Presents a two-person exhibition:

Owens Daniels: “Something Bold: The Art that Broke the Mold”
And Seth Moskowitz: “Sounds of Spring”

Freedom. That is what art is, it’s the something inside of everyone given the chance will break the rules, stand out and boldly go when you would dare not. Owens Daniels new collection of works, “Something Bold: The Art That Broke the Mold”, has the ability to provoke, uplift, and transform. It is Daniels’ intention to ignite a sense of curiosity and wonder in those who encounter it.
Seth Moskowitz calls his show, ‘Sounds of Spring,’ but you won’t hear any music, birdsong or any of the other sounds you might associate with spring. Unless you have synesthesia, a condition that causes some people to see shapes or colors when they hear music, or taste foods when they read or see shapes or patterns.