In 1998, the Summer Music Series program was created by the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership in an effort to support revitalization efforts in Downtown Winston-Salem. This effort has been instrumental in the resurgence of our downtown. The popular free concerts bring live music to downtown on Friday and Saturday nights from June through August. They have become a vital part of the fabric of the city, last year bringing people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds together in a spirit of celebration. Setting the concerts in the streets and parks of downtown has provided a relaxed and safe atmosphere, and the locations also serve to showcase the architecture, shops, restaurants and galleries that are unique to Downtown Winston-Salem.

Contact Information for the 2024 Summer Music Series:

Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership
515 N. Cherry St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Information for Bands wanting to play the Summer Music Series – We encourage you to send a press pack to the DWSP office. Please keep in mind that there is a tremendous amount of interest and we cannot book everyone.

If you would like to make inquiries about Summer on Fourth, email

**Phone calls to the office do not increase your chance of getting booked.  Due to the volume and the workload of our booking personnel, please understand that  we may not respond to your email requesting booking your band.